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ESXDOS 0.7.3 released for DivIDE

Publicado: Vie Dic 25, 2009 10:57 am
por lordcoxis
Sorry for english post, but my spanish/castellano is very rusty ;)

New firmware for DivIDE was released today, you can grab it here: http://www.esxdos.org/files/esxdos073.zip

* Device and filesystem abstraction layer.
* Full FAT16/FAT32 read/write support (no 64K clusters, no extended partitions, no LFN).
* Needs system file ESXDOS.SYS in the rootdir of first detected drive (system drive).
* Support for external commands in /C dir of system drive (see "DOT" commands).
* TAPE emulator supports reading/writing from/to .TAP files. Can read/write to the same file.
.TAP attaching functions are available to external programs.
* POSIX-based API usable by .commands and external programs. Functions available on rst $08:
open, read, write, close, opendir, readdir, seek, sync, fstat, getcwd, chdir, unlink...
* BASIC command integration using +3DOS headers for FAT filesystems.
* Support for seamless IM2 loading/saving, from BASIC and machine code.
* Possibility of getting absolute LBA sector and device on an opened file (for direct I/O).

Feliz navidad,

Re: ESXDOS 0.7.3 released for DivIDE

Publicado: Lun Ene 04, 2010 8:22 pm
por lordcoxis
Small update:


Fixed MAPRAM mode support for those that can't/won't flash it.


Re: ESXDOS 0.7.3 released for DivIDE

Publicado: Mar Ene 05, 2010 1:44 am
por mcleod_ideafix
Cooool! I have to give it a test. Is it somewhat like ResiDOS?

Re: ESXDOS 0.7.3 released for DivIDE

Publicado: Mar Ene 05, 2010 7:13 am
por zxbruno
Creo haber leído un post de LaesQ (de Papaya labs) o Gasman explicando que este firmware, cuando completo, sería superior a los demás.
No entiendo bien todos los detalles, pero le puedo preguntar al autor. Es portugues como yo. ;)

Aqui puedes ver una beta anterior de ESXDOS en acción:


Re: ESXDOS 0.7.3 released for DivIDE

Publicado: Mar Ene 05, 2010 12:20 pm
por lordcoxis
mcleod_ideafix escribió:Cooool! I have to give it a test. Is it somewhat like ResiDOS?


Unfortunately I have never used ResiDOS (I have no hardware that supports it - ESXDOS runs on basic 32k DivIDE), I've only seen some screenshots on the web.

But I guess it's more similar to ResiDOS than say fatware or demfir - it's meant to be a "real" operating system, so you have BASIC commands integration (at the moment LOAD, SAVE, MERGE, GOTO, ERASE, CAT) and special system commands which are located in /C dir of system drive. These commands are issued from BASIC using the form .command (eg: .cd, .snapload, .tapein, etc) and pretty soon the API will be made available so anyone can make their own commands. There is no NMI support in this version, it will be added in the future.

Speccy filetypes supported: TAP read/write, SNA/Z80 (thru .snapload), +3DOS files read/write (just the files, no +3 specific code)

Regarding filesystem support, at the moment FAT16/32 are supported with read/write capability. My next plans are to complete remaining API calls and BASIC/.commands, then port TR-DOS emulator from old beta.


Re: ESXDOS 0.7.3 released for DivIDE

Publicado: Sab Jun 25, 2011 10:13 am
New bootable FIRMWARE SELECTOR for ESXDOS 073 (autoexec)



After power-on or reinit system load firmware selector from autoexec.tap file.
Need install ESXDOS with autoexec support:

New ESXDOS command and more info here:

Re: ESXDOS 0.7.3 released for DivIDE

Publicado: Mié Jun 29, 2011 12:20 am
Firmware selector v0.2 with 128 menu design:

Work on original DivIDE and DivIDE+ (actually I have flasher for original DivIDE only)


Video example of ESXDOS 073 with AUTOEXEC patch + my "RETURN" patch:
Minimum hardware: ZX 48kB + original DivIDE interface

On video you can see as ESXDOS after start/init automatically write LOAD "" and load(boot) file AUTOEXEC.TAP with my FIRMWARE SELECTOR. In selector is possible install only one system. For return to my FIRMWARE SELECTOR (return to ESXDOS) you must power off your ZX. But I use modified ESXDOS with my small patch for possibility return from any system to ESXDOS + reboot. This return is used after OUT 227,128 (as in videoexample...)

All files for installation: