Spectrum is 30 Show - 8th/9th September

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Spectrum is 30 Show - 8th/9th September

Mensaje por RWAP » Vie Jul 06, 2012 11:03 am

Thomas of Sintech has asked me to forward the following message:

Hello Sinclair-fans,

although already announced 2 months ago in the WOS Forum I also want tell the users here that we are proud to present what will be the biggest Spectrum venue of the last 20 years. We managed to get huge space in Cambridge (near the Sinclair building, the place where all began).

The official site is here:


Tickets can be also bought via this site (you will be forwarded to the shop, registration is not necessary).

This is the result of a long preparation and it keeps being a lot of work, as it is not so easy to announce something like this, not many magazines are willing to still mention the Spectrum at all.

We thought it is a good idea not only making a user meeting, but a complete fair with everything the visitors would expect. So there is a main hall for all visitors just to come in, talk (food and beverage is in the same room) and build up their Spectrum systems if they want.

In another room we have exhibitions about Spectrum, the whole Spectrum range of computers and also clones from all over the world.

Third room is the ZX MICROFAIR, a room for dealers and every company that want make presentations there. This is the more commercial part of the Spectrum30, however, I think also a part of great interest as I love the option that people can buy soft- and hardware there.

The next room is a 400 seat lecture theatre for talks. We already have a hardware talk and a games talk and another speaker speaks about digital archeology.

So everything is prepared. Users from so many countries like Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany are already announcing to come. Of course also many UK users. So just join this show, it will be great.


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