Microhobby Pixel a Pixel restoration

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Microhobby Pixel a Pixel restoration

Notapor moroz1999 el Dom Nov 16, 2014 10:14 pm

I think that most of you have already seen the results of Microhobby Pixel a Pixel restoration project.
It's been inactive for half year, but last month I made a next small portion of restored images.

Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen Imagen

All Pixel A Pixel competitions restored so far can be seen here:
http://zxart.ee/eng/graphics/parties/19 ... l-a-pixel/
http://zxart.ee/eng/graphics/parties/19 ... a-pixel-2/
http://zxart.ee/eng/graphics/parties/19 ... a-pixel-3/
http://zxart.ee/eng/graphics/parties/19 ... a-pixel-4/
http://zxart.ee/eng/graphics/parties/19 ... a-pixel-5/

I cannot promise really rapid updates here, but I as soon as I get any image restored, I will surely post it here :)

I have a question for everybody, who is interested in Pixel a Pixel: would you like some particular images to be restored first? Please name them, I will put them at higher priority :)
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Re: Microhobby Pixel a Pixel restoration

Notapor sromero el Dom Nov 23, 2014 9:40 pm


Thanks for your work. I would love to see all the Microhobby's Pixel a Pixel screens "recovered" and digitally preserved for the future.

Are you sharing your work with World of Spectrum so that they have a copy of all the resources recovered?

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