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Nueva beta ZEsarUX

NotaPublicado: Lun Oct 17, 2016 10:38 pm
por chernandezba

He subido una nueva versión beta de ZEsarUX en la ruta habitual:

https://sourceforge.net/projects/zesaru ... _versions/

Los cambios sobre la anterior beta son:

-Agregado reproductor de archivos de música AY, tanto de Spectrum como de Amstrad CPC
-Movido opciones del emulador a un menú aparte, por petición popular ;) Ahora el menú queda mucho mas limpio.

Estos cambios se suman al total de cambios de la beta 4.2 , que son:

Version 4.2. 17 October 2016 - Rescue on Fractalus edition

Added machine Spectrum 48k Spanish
Added machine Pentagon 128
Added .ay file player for Spectrum and CPC files
Added Turbosound emulation
Added ZX Dandanator! Mini emulation
Added Superupgrade emulation
Added experimental 8-bit simple IDE emulation
Added Z88 Hybdrid (RAM+Eprom) Card support
Added print char traps for TBBlue, CPC464, Sam Coupe
Added three new Prism video modes: 256x128, 128x128, both at 256 colours, and 4 plane 256 colour mode clashless
Added Sam Coupe GUI Style
Added Sam Coupe curses, stdout, simpletext video drivers
Added Setting to disable colours (set to black & white) on Spectrum
Added Setting to disable loading tape sound
Added setting to change DivIDE/DivMMC RAM
Added tape browser
Added Z88 generic card browser
Added Z88 card browser when copying from eprom/flash card
Fixed bug reading ports 2ffd and 3ffd and crashes running +2A/+3 ROMS with real video enabled
Fixed Z80 cold start registers
Fixed Z88 bug when smart loading all slots were ejected
Fixed handling symbols (. , : / - + < > = ' ( ) ") on menu for machines: Z88, CPC, Sam Coupe
Fixed enabling some memory and debug interfaces, so you can enable and disable them in any order you want
Fixed divmmc/divide were disabled when doing smartload
Improved menu. Now all settings are on a separate "Settings" menu
Improved debugger:
*Individual breakpoints can be disabled
*Breakpoints are fired by default when condition changes from false to true. And they are only fired again when condition changes from true to false and false to true
Improved scanlines drawing. Some demos with display page change (RAM 5&7) on a scanline run perfect
Improved windows with text content. Now a progress symbol (*) is shown
Updated Z88 OZ V4.6.2
Updated ZXUno Flash and MMC image to the crowdfunding ones. MMC image now is called "zxuno.mmc"
Some other minor bugfixes and improvements

Pronto aparecerá la estable....


Re: Nueva beta ZEsarUX

NotaPublicado: Mie Oct 19, 2016 10:31 am
por OptimusZX
Gracias por el aporte, para probar código viene perfecto.

Se agradece la navegación por los menus al estilo de spectrum.

Un saludo.

Re: Nueva beta ZEsarUX

NotaPublicado: Jue Oct 20, 2016 6:11 pm
por chernandezba
De nada :)